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The Arc of Detransition

Although this is probably the most important aspect of the new trans phenomenon, little is known about the process by which people go through the path of detransition. By listening to transitions, we learn about mistakes made, opportunities lost, and decisions taken lightly. As a psychotherapist working with people in transition, I have noticed that although the experienceanything may be very different, there may be a common path to transition. As Angus Fox says, it does not repeat itself but it always rhymes.

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"A government campaign maintains young people in the lure of a trans identity"

Christian Flavigny, child psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and author of “Helping “transgender” children – Against the Americanization of child care” (Éd. Pierre Téqui), analyzes a government campaign that intends to tackle transphobia.


Let's protect our girls!
Gender dysphoria in young girls


By the Collective Les ruminants.e.s
In the last decade, the phenomenon of gender dysphoria has increased exponentially, +1500% to +4000%, particularly among young girls in Western countries.


La Croix: These children who change sex
of sex change increase among
young people. Their care raises many questions.


Mathieu Bock-Cote:
“Gender dysphoria, for caution”

From medical, the question of transidentity has become political, which is recognized by the trans movement, which presents itself as a liberation movement.

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Taboo: who are the transgender people who regret their transition?


Transgender children: no to irreversible treatments

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