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Colloques de l'OPS

Colloque  24.09.23

●  David BELL, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, former consultant psychiatrist at the Tavistock Clinic, he initiated a report in 2018 denouncing the overly rapid medicalisation of minors who identify as trans at the Tavistock Clinic's GIDS (the largest paediatric centre of its kind in the world).

●  José Manuel ERRASTI PEREZ, Lecturer in the Department of Psychology at the University of Oviedo, Spain, co-author of a book published in Spain in 2022, Personne ne naît dans un mauvais corps : le succès et la misère de l'identité de genre (No one is born in the wrong body: the success and misery of gender identity)

●  Silvia CARRASCO, lecturer in anthropology at the University of Barcelona, author of a report on the transidentification of minors in Catalonia

●  Christian FLAVIGNY, child psychiatrist, member of the Observatoire la Petite Sirène, author of several books on the subject and a forthcoming book, Comprendre le phénomène transgenre - la solution par la culture française

●  Jean SZLAMOWICZ, linguist, university professor, author of Les moutons de la pensée (2022)

●   Dany-Robert DUFOUR, philosopher, author of Le phénomène trans (2023)

●  François RASTIER, linguist, author of a forthcoming book, Petite mystique du genre

●  Patrick MILLER, psychiatrist psychoanalyst

●  Jean-François SOLAL, psychiatrist psychoanalyst

●  Anne Laure BOCH, neurosurgeon, philosopher


●  IThey will be talking to members of the Little Mermaid Observatory, Béryl KOENER,  Céline MASSON, Samuel VEISSIERE et Caroline ELIACHEFF.

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