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“How to protect children from ideologues
gender theory?

FIGAROVOX / TRIBUNE - In a parliamentary report, two deputies denounce the "gender stereotypes" which would weigh on children. According to psychoanalyst Ruben Rabinovitch, the deconstruction of limits advocated therein is dangerous for the psychic development of individuals.

Ruben Rabinovitch is a psychoanalyst and co-author of a note on the concepts of "woke" and "cancel culture" for the Jean Jaurès Foundation.

"A fool's bewildered gaze is less bearable than a demon's incandescent eyeball," said Captain Ahab from his whaler in Moby Dick. An information report “On gender stereotypes” was submitted on October 6 to the National Assembly. Let us briefly summarize the lines of force in order not to eat on the still too short time that we have left to live: the little boys play too much with the fire truck and the little girls too much with the doll. The information report is adorned with the finery of expertise since it incorporates the now unavoidable triptych varnish of academic scientificity: a survey, statistics and a professor emeritus of sociology at Science-Po. That the impatient do not get impatient because the solutions to the insoluble human question have already all been found: "Put in place support for parenthood", "Create an equality label for school textbooks", "Raise awareness young people to LGBTQIA+ rights”, et cetera.

Let's start from a platitude which is unfortunately no longer commonplace: the woman is sculpted on the body of the man and the man is hollowed out of the body of the woman. Man and woman, father and mother, brother and sister, day and night, moon and sun, OM and PSG are terms that only exist in relation to each other. The difference between the sexes is only sustained by their oppositions and their complementarities. In other words, there is nothing "binary" about the polarity of the sexes, as the ideal genderist would say, and the civilizational endorsement of the difference between the sexes is much more decisive than the cultural, historical and changing issues of sexual orientations and attributed virtues. to either sex. At the court of Henry III, men adorned themselves with jewellery, gave themselves feminine trappings without thereby renouncing their masculinity and, by this very provocative ostentation, made it shine triumphantly.

Let's even push the plug a little further and remember Isaac Louria among us thanks to Charles Mopsik, his greatest French passer. In Isaac Luria, a rabbi and kabbalist born in Jerusalem in the 16th century and recognized as the most profound thinker of Jewish mysticism, Adam, after having been considered the bride of God in the Garden of Eden, becomes, once expelled, a " divorced woman”. The community of Saphed, of which he was the Rebbe, however, considered him neither a heretic nor a rebel when he wrote that "sometimes a man is reincarnated in a female body", that he is "masculine women and men feminine", that there exist in this respect "reverse penetrations", that a woman by the body can be a man by the soul and vice versa, just as masculine and feminine characters can coexist and even collaborate within from the same person. The entanglement within the same individual of the masculine and the feminine has nothing androgynous about it because this polarity does not neutralize each other, but coexists.

In the psychoanalyst's office too, a fantasy realm is much larger than that of the LGBTQIA+ gender-responsive maid's room. We can hear a man loving a woman homosexually (a man who loves the feminine side of a woman from her own feminine position), a woman loving heterosexually another woman (a woman who loves the feminine side of a woman from her own masculine position), a man lesbian loving another man (a man who loves a man's feminine side from his own feminine position).

We still remember this nine-year-old girl, sitting on the patient chair, still too small for her feet to touch the floor, declaring sad and worried because she liked to play at tying her father's ties around her neck. and wanting to be strong like a boy: “I'm not a real girl. Maybe I need to turn into a boy.” Here they are, the murderous consequences of genderism and queerism: suggesting that, because there is ambiguity in sexual identifications (and how could there not be some in early childhood and then, again , in adolescence?), this would imply that people, big or small, would not be in their “real” body and that it would be appropriate for them to be able to change it.

To confuse what is elaborated at the level of fantasy with the real of the body is not to help individuals to constitute an authentic subjective position, a position that is theirs, but to inject delirium into them. Adults do not help children by leaving them to themselves, but by giving them limits, starting with those of their own bodies. The limit is a gift and to give limits is to give protection and freedom.

Genderism and queerism, ultimate stages of capitalism, do not maintain the promise of collective emancipation, but threaten us with crowded alienation, do not participate in the advent of an authentic subjectivity, but on the contrary plot in for its liquidation. Because it is mistaken to speak of our Western societies as increasingly “individualistic” societies. Walking down the street, you come across fewer individuals than identical, selfish, rival and hateful monads. The individual has been reduced to the rank of a crowd particle. The genderist and the queerist seek only to get rid of their singularity. Everything, on the contrary, is a pretext to go in search of new clan identifications where they can finally dissolve their own individuality. Let us note in passing that this current passion for being taken over by the clan, for the sacrifice of one's subjectivity to obscure tyrants, if it is still reduced today to cultural and religious systems could tomorrow extend, we can only dread it, to political systems.

For to the instinctive sneer in the face of all limitation, to the ecstatic prostration before youth, to the unleashed hatred against any figure of authority, to the contemptuous refusal of representation in pictorial art, to the relegation of the beautiful and the promotion of principle of the ever newer, to the contempt of the elites for themselves, to the subversion of language and its writing, to the denial of the real of the body, to the permanent transgression of forms and traditions, to unrelenting enjoyment, the decline of all truth in opinion, the revolt against the eternal polarity of the sexes is most often unfortunately followed, History has taught us, by a rabid appeal to an intractable Master who will blow in a whistle of blood the end Of the game. Let us worry about arriving at what Ortega y Gasset predicted in his Revolt of the masses in 1929 and that the future did not take care to deny: "We will soon hear, throughout the planet, an immense cry which will rise towards the stars like the howling of innumerable dogs, asking for someone, something, who commands, who imposes an activity or an obligation.

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