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Transition, they've had a sex change and they regret it

Temps Présent n 02 March 2023, a programme by @RadioTelevisionSuisse


Gender issues have evolved considerably over the last few years and are now very much in the public eye. Society recognises that everyone has different sexualities and, above all, genders, far removed from the classic male/female binarity. The trans community is rightly fighting back, as it is still subject to stigmatisation, harassment and even violence.   Taking the step of transitioning remains difficult. Temps Présent and RTS have covered these issues extensively in several programmes. In Switzerland today, a minor in distress can initiate a gender transition, whether social or even medical. This process concerns a tiny minority of young people, but it is not insignificant in terms of physical and mental health. And sometimes, because there is no going back.   We believe that this is an issue of great public interest, one that raises questions and concerns among parents and the scientific community. However, Sofia Pekmez and Mauro Losa have almost systematically come up against closed doors, particularly among professionals working with young trans people. We feel that this does not make the debate any easier, but it does not prevent us from proposing it to you.   Once again, we regret that care professionals and activist organisations chose not to take part, and in some cases to campaign against the programme. Temps Présent has reported extensively on gender and trans-identity issues, and it is also our role to deal with disturbing themes.  

A report by Sofia Pekmez and Mauro Losa Image: Olivier Kunz Sound: Santi Serra Editing: Mykyta Kryvosheiev Sound illustration: Stéphane Kirscher Mixing: Edgard Biondina


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