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European manifesto for an objective approach to the "gender change" of minors in the media

The Franco-Belgian collective of childhood professionals (doctors, psychologists, teachers, academics) from the "Little Mermaid" Observatory, took the initiative of publishing a manifesto in the press of several European countries in order to alert the general public to the need to have access to impartial information in the media and public institutions on "sex/gender reassignment" among minors.

By creating the Observatory of ideological discourses on children and adolescents (< strong> and by publishing The Factory of the Transgender Child (Caroline Eliacheff, Céline Masson, ed. de l'Observatoire, 2022) and Gender Dysphoria (Jean-Pierre Lebrun, Charles Melman, ed. Eres, 2022), the "Little Mermaid" Observatory has been warning for a year and a half about the possible abuses of too rapid medicalization that can lead to irreversible body changes. , especially in adolescents presenting a psychic vulnerability that it is imperative to approach by an exploratory approach.

This European Manifesto is signed by many intellectuals and scientists from France, Belgium, Germany, England, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, including Elisabeth Badinter, René Frydman, Arnold Munnich, Ghada Hattem-Gantzer, Didier Sicard, Pierre-André Taguieff in France, Diane Drory, Jean-Yves Hayez, Jean-Louis Renchon in Belgium, Alexander Korte, Uwe Steinhoff, Aglaja Valentina Stirn in Germany, David Bell, Marcus and Sue Evans in England, Bertrand Cramer in Switzerland, to name but a few.

This Manifesto can be signed by all citizens of Europe who call for the same caution while respecting the rights of transgender people. (the continuation < strong>here)


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