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  • Josephine Bartosch

“Detransition Diaries” tells the story of young women delivered to a brutal medical machine

Illustration by Reality Girl.

The young stars interviewed in Jennifer Lahl's newest film, Detransition Diaries, can never escape the mistakes they made in their early life ; they are doomed to carry them in their bodies and hear them in their voices for the rest of their lives. But by sharing their stories and talking about the harm done to them, the three young transgender women featured, Helena, Cat and Grace, could save others from believing the lie that you can change your sex. And, perhaps surprisingly, the tone of Lahl's documentary is hopeful; interviewees are presented not simply as victims, but as survivors.

Lahl is an experienced filmmaker and activist. As president of the Center for Bioethics and Culture Network, the subjects she tackles are those to which the liberal left prefers to turn a blind eye. She dissects contemporary body politics and offers women molested by the transgender and fertility industries a platform to speak out about their exploitation.


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