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All transphobic, really?

Tribune initiated by members of the Observatory.

Unfounded accusations of “transphobia” make criticism of transactivist ideology inaudible, thus freezing all public debate.

That there is hatred, even discrimination, towards transgender people is a reality, and it must be fought. This hatred has no place in a society that has chosen to adhere to universalist values and respect for the individual. However, these values authorize criticism when it does not attack people, but gives itself the possibility of expressing an opinion, an opinion, a warning about concepts, ideas and, in the case that concerns us, of practices.

So, is it reasonable, acceptable, to accuse of transphobia anyone who criticizes the transaffirmative discourses that today are set up as absolute dogmas and truths? For example, by refusing the postulate that sex would be “assigned” at birth? Is it acceptable to condemn anyone who claims there are two sexes as the enemy to be killed? Is it still acceptable to proclaim that it is necessary to support “trans minors” without questioning their discomfort? Do these refusals of dialogue on subjects as serious as the medicalization of children identified as trans very quickly not deserve debate? A dangerous intolerance to criticism is currently emerging in our country on issues that concern the whole of society.



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