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In the United States, but also in Europe, requests for sex change among children and especially adolescents have been increasing for several years.


Psychoanalysts Caroline Eliacheff and Céline Masson warn of the excesses of "transgenderism" among minors.


"Disney, school, sport, social networks... Trans lobbying is introduced at all levels of society"

Disney promises to favor characters from the LGBT community and racial minorities. These large cultural firms participate in the promotion of the trans ideology, ignoring the interests of the child, explain the clinicians Caroline Eliacheff and Céline Masson.


Transgender minors: "In the name of ethics, the use of the hormonal-surgical method must be prohibited"

In a forum, Christian Flavigny and Michèle Fontanon-Missenard, child psychiatrists, psychoanalysts and researchers associated with the Thomas More Institute, analyze a report submitted to the Ministry of Health on transgender people, which, under the pretext of inclusion, betrays the medical ethics, advocating for patient self-determination.


Teleramaunilaterally supports the idea that access to transition among minors is progress, the name of our Observatory is cited: we would have succumbed to “a moral panic faced with the explosion of requests for consultation in specialized centers”.


What if you were wrong? What if we weren't ideologues, but warned of an upcoming health scandal?


Change of sex: "No irreversible act should be carried out before the majority"


INTERVIEW – In her latest book, psychoanalyst Caroline Eliacheff warns of the dangers of “transgenderism” among minors.


 “Family Planning must abandon the “trans lexicon””

Family Planning is gradually adopting the transactivist lexicon. A drift denounced by the Observatory of ideological discourses on children and adolescents – The Little Mermaid.


 Gender change in minors: We are not the only ones to urge caution

Even members of the global professional association for transgender health are concerned about the rise of medical transitions among adolescents.

The Trans question, a headache?


Frédéric Taddeï receives:

-Lexie Agresti, founder of the aggressively-trans Instagram account

-Silvia Lippi, psychoanalyst

-Anna Cognet, clinical psychologist at the Observatory

-Marie-Jo Bonnet, historian and activist

Video and audio


"Humans are constrained, they can't do everything": the forum of pediatricians and psychiatrists on the documentary "Little girl"


Transgenderism: "With this blurring of limits, it is the supremacy of feelings that guides behavior"

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