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Trans Express - Radio canada


  • Trans Express, épisode du jeudi 29 février 2024, Pasquale Turbide, Michael Deetjens, Gabriel Allard Gagnon, Jason Reed, Radio-Canada. ➤  voir la video

In this film we hear from endangered trans psychologist Erica Anderson, our colleagues Riittakerttu Kaltiala and Lisa Littman, who will be at our conference in Paris in June. We also hear from Samuel Veissière, Chairman of OPS's Scientific Advisory Board and an academic from Montreal.


"More and more teenage girls around the world are choosing to change their gender. In Quebec, the health system is quick to respond to their requests for medical transition by prescribing blockers, testosterone and mastectomies. These young girls often have a number of mental health problems, and many wonder whether we take the time to assess everything that's going on in their heads. Is it normal for a 14-year-old girl to get a prescription for testosterone in a matter of minutes? And what happens when they change their mind?"


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