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A systematic review of hormone treatment for children with gender dysphoria and recommendations for

Acta Paediatrica - 2023 - Ludvigsson - A systematic review of hormone treatment for childr
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A pediatric journal article on the Swedish review of Gnrh treatment in adolescent gender dysphoria; 21 studies were collated, including 3 studies on cross-sex hormones; no randomized studies; a small number of longitudinal studies with a small number of adolescents.

Psychosocial effects: no effect of Gnrh; if positive, impossible to know whether hormonal or related to psychosocial follow-up.

No effect found on cognitive function, either between treated and untreated trans youngsters, or between treated and controls.

In terms of bone health, puberty blockers delay bone maturation and mineral density gain, but this is partially recovered by age 22. More frequent obesity

This is a treatment that should be considered experimental, and given only in exceptional cases, rather than as a routine treatment.

The authors present a checklist (GHENDOR list) that should be applied to all studies concerning gender dysphoria.

This study confirms the results of the British Carmichael study, and the studies of the Nice


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