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What is the Purpose of the Initial Psychiatric Evaluation of Minors with Gender Dysphoria

Stephen B. Levine, Professeur de psychiatrie et praticien, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, États-Unis

Paru le 10 juin 2024


The rising incidence of trans youth throughout the world and the new policy of many European countries and 25 US states that psychotherapy should be the first therapeutic response to Gender Dysphoria have made a reexamination of a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation (CPE) urgently relevant. Two conflicting views of the purpose of the CPE exist based on etiologic beliefs and convictions about the best therapeutic approach. This paper provides one clinician’s synthesis of the elements, processes, goals, values, benchmarks of CPE and its usual recommendation for psychotherapy. The CPE recommended herein provides cogent hypotheses about the origins of the intrapsychic creation of a trans identity that are to be strengthened, weakened, or supplanted by explanations that emerge from psychotherapy. It also strengthens familial bonds and clarifies the intention to improve the mental health, social function, and autonomy of the minor. The inescapable ethical tensions that surround trans minor health care are discussed. The recommended CPE does not prevent subsequent medical interventions.


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