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  • Riittakerttu Kaltiala, Milla Karvonen, Elias Heino and Marja Työläjärvi

Gender anxiety, transgender identity and mental health in adolescence

Due to gender anxiety, the number of young people seeking corrective treatment in special gender identity research units has increased significantly in the Western world in the 2000s, especially in the last decade. In particular, the number of biological girls experiencing gender anxiety for the first time in adolescence has increased dramatically. Adolescents seeking treatment for sexual anxiety have a high prevalence of co-occurring psychiatric disorders, particularly depression, anxiety disorders and autism spectrum disorders. In the most recent population surveys, up to 4% of adolescents have reported identifying in a way that is different from their biological sex. Mental health problems are also overrepresented among these young people. In the light of research, it appears that while gender identity specificity may predispose to mental health disorders, mental health disorders may also predispose to gender identity development challenges and gender bias

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