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Denial by the Franco-Belgian observatory La Petite Sirène

(trad. deepl)

We would like to formally deny the defamatory remarks made about the Observatoire la Petit Sirène (OPS) on RTBF (French-speaking Belgian radio and television) on 15 September[1]. As part of the debate on the content of the EVRAS guide (Education for Relationships, Emotional and Sexual Life in Schools in French-speaking Belgium), RTBF accused us, without proof, of being "conspiracy theorists", "extreme right-wingers", "a network of misinformers on EVRAS" and, finally, "followers of paedo-criminal theories". All these comments will be the subject of a complaint.

The Little Mermaid Observatory is a multidisciplinary group of practising professionals and researchers: doctors, child psychiatrists, psychologists, psychoanalysts, lawyers, anthropologists, sociologists, philosophers, juvenile court judges and teachers in France and Belgium. It was set up in 2021 independently of any political party or religious affiliation (see our charter[2]).

The group was set up in response to the significant increase in diagnoses of gender dysphoria and transidentity among minors, leading to the risk of heavy, systematic and sometimes even immediate medical treatment, excluding any social consultation on the merits of such interventions, in the name of affirming the principle of "self-determination of the child".

On the basis of laudable principles of tolerance and non-discrimination, the limits that allowed children to develop were disqualified, without any distinction being made between structuring limits and repressive limits.

This means that children are exposed to adult content from a very early age, while forgetting that in order to grow up, they must first be supervised and have integrated the foundations necessary for humanisation into their psychic system.

The damage can be seen in the many behavioural problems, intolerance of frustration and denial of authority in families and schools, as well as in child psychiatry consultations and youth protection services.

The notion of gender can be exploited to serve an ideology which, as such, should not be imposed on developing children.

Our Observatory defends a universalist position and has just been awarded the "Marcelle Blum" prize by the Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques in Paris.

As long as we are in a democracy, we must be able to speak out, especially as it is probably the voice of the silent majority. Otherwise, violence will ensue, which we condemn in the strongest possible terms.

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