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A guide for parents

Mom, Dad, je suis TRANS What can I do as a parent?

Mom, Dad, I'm trans

Your child has entered puberty, a confusing time for many. Children lack confidence and may initially feel insecure about their changing bodies, as well as their inner world. They're probably also wondering: who am I really? This mutation demands a great deal of attention, love and patience from you, the parents. Suppose your daughter arrives one day with the message "I'm not a girl, I don't want to become a woman. I feel like a boy." Or your son tells you "I don't want to become a man. My body doesn't suit me."


More and more young people claim to suffer from gender dysphoria, meaning that they feel their "gender" - the sense of being a girl or a boy - and their biological sex no longer match up. Consultations at specialized centers, often called "gender clinics", have multiplied exponentially in recent years. What's surprising is that, among older teenagers, this phenomenon mainly concerns girls, whereas previously it was more likely to be boys.

Proposed help

Research shows that in up to 98% of cases, gender dysphoria disappears spontaneously when it is neither encouraged nor disqualified by the social environment (carers, teachers, friends, family).

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Guide pour les parents
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