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Europe's sex war: New ruling on transgender rights could erase women completely

Scottish four-year-olds can change gender at school without parental consent

Children as young as four will be able to change their name and gender at school without parental consent, according to new LGBT inclusion guidelines drawn up by the Scottish government.

A document of 70 pages, published Thursday in schools north of the border, invites teachers not to question pupils who say they want to live like a boy or a girl and to ask them for their new name and new pronouns.

England: The Tavistock v Bell judgment

In a judgment dated December 2020, the British High Court ruled that the admiThe administration of puberty-blocking agents and cross-sex hormones are experimental treatments that cannot be given to children in most cases without first applying to the court.

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Children under 16 can no longer be prescribed puberty blockers in England


Transgender teens: Is the tide starting to turn? Keira Bell's post

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It feels like conversion therapy for gay kids, clinicians say

Keira Bell's Story


Victory of the young Keira Bell against the British doctors of a “gender clinic”


The Bell judgment against the Tavistock Clinic

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First, do no harm: a new model for dealing with trans-identified children

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Like it or not, Keira Bell has opened up a real conversation about gender dysphoria

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